turbulence drawings 03-07-2012

i hate flying. i really really hate it. i've done 6 fear of flying courses, 2 accompanied flights, 7 lessons in a piper cherokee and dr diazepam holds my hand from runway to runway, but it's taking a bloody long time to get over it. during the main body of the flight i can resort to films or minigore or scrabble on the ipad (reading is out of the question). but during take-off and landing i'm not allowed to do anything electronic so i try and draw to occupy myself. the quality of the drawing has become a rather good measure of the amount of turbulence.

this, i think, is me coming into istanbul during a storm earlier this year (turkey was the furthest i'd flown since the fear really took hold 12 years ago):

the way back was a lot smoother:

then i had to fly to dublin during freak storms that were knocking walls down and flooding caravan parks in the south of england (i was not terribly comfortable at this point):

i'm thinking of taking out a patent and calling it the haddon sketch turbulence scale.