photographs 12-01-2010

(see digital prints) i'm not sure why it took me so long to work this out. they're photographs. i wander round taking photographs of things. i bin most of them. i work on some of the others in photoshop. i bin most of the results (the two prints in the previous entry both got binned in the end). i take them to brent at resolution creative and we decide how to print them. it's precisely what you do with photographs. mine just spend a little more time in photoshop.

the first of these (splitter) began life as a photo of a rusted chain on a beach in cornwall. the second (space mountain) began life as a photograph of a large sheet of cardboard i use in the studio to keep paint off the floor.


etchings and screenprints and lino prints are three dimensional objects (which is why the printing part of the process is so important). consequently they're fragile. so you window-mount them and put them under glass. if you do this to photographs they can look too precious, as if they're pretending to be something they're not. the advantage of photographs, however, is that they have a completely flat surface so they can, for example, be mounted onto a substrate and coated (i take these to bliss in faringdon where they bond them to alumiunium and seal them with a matt varnish).