take-off drawings 14-10-2013

i hate flying (a subject about which i go on at some length here) ideally during take-off i'd have a general anaesthetic. Since that isn't usually available i'd like to play Tetris or some other moronically simple and addictive computer game but, as they point out, any electronic device used by a passenger during take-off or landing will cause the plane to veer sideways, burst into flames and and plunge into the ground at several hundred miles an hour killing everyone on board. so, the only thing i'm able to do during take-off is to doodle (see turbulence drawings below). i think i did pretty well taking off from heathrow en route to addis ababa last week - the longest flight i've ever taken.

i seem to have been a little less relaxed - or perhaps a little under-valiumed - on the way home.