polar bears 31-10-2009

for anyone who wonders what i've been writing recently...


on every count i couldn't be more pleased. i've been trying to write a play for years. naively i assumed that, having written radio plays and screenplays and won a few prizes for both, writing for the stage wouldn't be that difficult. i was wrong. it's bloody hard. i've written a great deal of rubbish en route and wondered often whether the attempt itself was foolish. to have written a play which worked was a huge relief. to have it on at the donmar is borderline fairy tale. it's always been one of my favourite theatres, that apron stage surrounded almost entirely by the audience in such an intimate space. plus it's been on a huge roll under michael grandage (the last two productions, streetcar with rachel weisz and life is a dream with domnic west were not just good but revelatory).

cast to follow.