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  own trumpet


a video of me doing my thing at 5x15 in may (not actually a dance routine despite appearances).




shamefully i didn't know about the artist leonora carrington until she died. i subsequently read an article by sam leith in the guardian about how a friend had given him a copy of her novel the hearing trumpet many years ago and it had quickly become one of his favourite novels. i read it immediately and i think it may have become one of mine, too. it is quite quite bonkers without seeming at all random. whimsical, tough, fey, dark, camp, funny. it starts with an old lady going into a nursing home and ends with... well, read it and find out.

guardian obituary

sam leith's article

artwork and portraits

  5x15 again

next monday, june 20th, 6:45,  i'll be doing a 5x15 talk at the tabernacle, london w11, along with jon ronson, sarah bakewell, anthony sattin and lisa appignanesi. musical interlude by judith owen. i'll be talking about flying and swimming. different from last time. if you were wondering whether to come again. though, of course i will only be 16.6% of the entertainment.



i swam here at the weekend. it was glorious. and scrotumtighteningly cold. nice jellyfish, too. i was going to say where it is, but i like the fact that the picture could have been taken anywhere from scotland to hawaii to new zealand.

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