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  kate tempest

a friend told me about this (thank you, phil bloomer). a late junction session in which the performance poet / rap artist kate tempest plays (for the first time) with the elysian string quartet. largely improvised after a day's rehearsal, i think, it's quite extraordinary. made me a little tearful in parts, esp. 'where the heart is'.

if you're very quick you can still podcast it.


  rip sy?

putting aside trivial matters such as this morning's possible capture of colonel gaddafi and the violence at dale farm... kim gordon and thurston moore have split up, thereby possibly heralding the demise of sonic youth. which makes me really quite sad.

(though this particular photo fails to capture mr moore's (r) extraordinary height)


  land grabs

new forests company have evicted 22,500 people from their homes in uganda. it'll take you 2 minutes to read about the situation and send an e-mail via oxfam to the chairman of the company, robert devereux. 


  office chart



the invisible city, BJ Nilsen

for 2, alva noto

stepping into the dark, chris watson

(a tribute to) jack johnson, miles davis

taking tiger mountian by strategy, brian eno

string quartets, eliot carter, arditti quartet

  the phoenix rises

you're probably more likely to click on the link if i offer no explanation whatsosver. but it's going to be a very fine thing...


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