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  crunch @ hay

i'm doing two things at the crunch festial at hay next month. a talk / performance, flying and swimming (saturday 3:30), which i recently did at the playhouse, oxford and the ilkley festival. and a round table discussion, new awakenings, about creativity, with susan hiller and josie 'o'rourke, chaired by john tusa (sunday 4:00).

  carter on r3

i contributed some amateur enthusiastic opinions to a short programme broadcast last week about eliot carter generally, and his third quartet in particular. it's part of what promises to be a very enjoyable series, 50 modern composers. me, i feel uncomfortable listening to my own voice, but i seem not to have made a fool of myself and you never know, you might be tempted to seek out a bit of carter yourself. the short clip of carter himself speaking is wonderful. such a combination of fierce intelligence, good humour and self-effacing generosity. 102 and still composing...


(you can listen to the quartet itself on the website, too)

  granta v mcsws

there's an ongoing tussle, in my head if nowhere else, between granta magazine and mcsweeney's. mcsweeney's is always going to look better (granta is never going to be pubished as 5 separate mini-volumes held together by a magnet) though granta often has wonderful photoessays. the literary content fluctuates inevitably, however, and whilst granta went through a rather grey patch over the last few years it has been edging ahead by several lengths recently, not least because of the pakistan issue (no. 114) and the latest, ten years after (116) which deals with the after-effects of 9/10 in fiction and reportage. both issues introduced me to writers i'd never have stumbled on in any other way. i got educated en route as well.


  cigarette cards

 ... from my parents cupboard under the stairs. of which a very very small gas attack themed selection...

more later. plus some of the magic lantern slides if i can find a way of copying them.




(excellent linocut by zack, 7)

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