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  lumb bank

i've just finished teaching at arvon with william fiennes (see the first story link on the left and read the music room) at the lumb bank centre. teaching with will is always wonderful, we had fantastic students who produced some amazing pieces of writing and, on the final day, when the last tutorials were done, liz flanagan, one of the centre directors, drove us for a swim at lumb falls, which almost instantly became one of my favourite places. anywhere.

arvon @ lumb bank


  office chart 1



swimming in the thames / the rise of the novel by ian watt / walking the dog by david hughes / longview estate darjeeling tea

  new artwork page

see link on the left. it contains more new stuff and less old stuff and it makes a lot more sense.

  sarah wiseman

i have a show at sarah wiseman in oxford. paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures. it starts tomorrow and ends on 22 may.


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