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The Other Sidea monologue for 5x15, 2018, 

"I will be forever grateful; what I owe the NHS”, Guardian, 2018,

“I’m going to keep giving to Oxfam, and so should you”, 2018,

Introduction to Postcard from the Past, ed. Tom Jackson, Fourth Estate, 2017

Introduction to States of Mind: Experiences at the Edge of Consciousness: an Anthology, ed. Anna Faherty, Wellcome Collection, 2016

My Writing Day: “I'm not a terribly good writer, but I'm a persistent editor”, Guardian, 2016,

Point of View: “'I’ve read too many beige short stories in my life”, Guardian, 2016,

A Report from Za’atari Refugee Camp, Daily Mail, 2015,

Flying & Swimming, a monologue for 5x15, 2012,

A Bushing from Cape Wrath, a monologue for 5 X 15, 2011,

The Right Words in the Right Order, essay, Stop What You’re doing and Read This!, Vintage, 2011

“I’m flattered, amazed, deeply moved and sometimes a little dizzy”, Q & A, Guardian, 2004,

B is for Bestseller, Guardian, 2004,