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a wonderful novel which sat on my shelf for a year, despite its having won the costa, on account of a lacklustre  cover which suggests that it's a comfortingly beige love story for the timid lady reader, whereas it's mostly about the wartime experiences of lancaster tail-gunner with a great deal of death and violence along with the romance. and countless passages which just sing...


i love this for puerile reasons, obviously. but for aesthetic reasons, too. the hungarian edition of boom!

  world book night 2

the deadline for becoming a 'giver' has been extended to 24th january. so if you fancy helping give away a million book on sat 25 march...



this is quite wonderful. i am tempted to say, read it because... but if there is one thing which binds together the many disparate fans of montaigne it is that they have all found something different in his essays (mostly commonly a uncannily prescient version of themselves) and therefore have very different reasons for recommending them. this, however, is the perfect place to start to find out why you might love them.


i'd completely forgotten about this until i stumbled on it the other day. it remains one of the most beautiful (and addictive) websites i know. click on the open source link.


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