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  red house flotsam

the red house (the next novel, halfway complete, though it's probably bad voodoo to say so) contains lots of found text and images. old books, prints, banknotes, bus-tickets, maps, diagrams... some of it i haven't used but can't quite bear to abandon, so here seems as good place as any to share it. this was a book that my father (a very good swimmer) had as a boy:

... at last we are under way. as an old time warrior, i am looking round for signs of the weather, and, lo! i behold my old enemy, the tinge of red sky away in the distance. i call the attention of my trainer, and also of the pilot, who shrugs and says it is nothing.

but in my own heart i know that it is fatal to my success; yet i cannot turn back. ye gods! the press are on board, and the sea is dead calm and like glass. i should be called a shirker if i suggested turning back, as the conditions look so perfect to those who do not understand. so with a heavy heart i carry on...